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Hill Gallery artist, Tom Joyce curates: Striking Iron, The Art of African Blacksmiths at The Fowler

Congratulations to Hill Gallery artist, Tom Joyce on his curatorial leadership with, Striking Iron, The Art of African Blacksmiths at The Fowler Museum. From The Fowler Museum, Striking Iron: The Art of African Blacksmiths, is an international traveling exhibition that combines scholarship with objects of great aesthetic beauty to create the most comprehensive treatment of the blacksmith’s art in Africa to date. The exhibition will include over 225 artworks from across the African continent, focusing on the region south of the Sahara and covering a time period spanning early archaeological evidence to the present day. Borrowed from American and European public and private collections, it features wood sculptures studded with iron, blades, and currencies in a myriad of shapes and sizes, diverse musical instruments, body adornments, an array of ritual accoutrements, tools and weapons, and other important objects that enabled Africans to forage and hunt, till the soil, and assure their own protection and prosperity. To read more, please visit the Fowler museum website. You can also read The New York Times review of the show.

Tom Joyce sculpture currently in front of The Hill Gallery

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