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Lost | Found: Michelle Andonian & Hunter Muldoon


Michelle Andonian & Hunter Muldoon 

June 24th, 2023 4pm - 6pm

May 20, 2023

June 30, 2023


Press Release

Hunter Muldoon 

Windows from abandon neighborhood houses are the new foundation for the  layered wall constructions by Hunter Muldoon.  Reverse painting on glass is one of the  techniques Hunter deploys in alerting the viewer to the density of history contained within. These compositions evoke a wide range of decidedly urban transformations at once physical in form and mystical in surface

Michelle Andonian

Exploring  the arches, walls, and columns of the Dequindre Cut in all of its arrested decay and vibrantly painted declarations, Michelle Andonian has framed a series of majestic images that celebrate the passing  of time in place.  Clear to the eye, accurate  to the source, yet mysterious in origin. These images are haunting & elegant.

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