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Allie McGhee

Reception for the Artist: September 26, 6 - 8pm

September 26, 2019

November 9, 2019


EXTENDED: November 9th, 2019

Press Release

Allie  McGhee was born in 1941 in Charlston, West Virginia. He has lived and  worked in Detroit, Michigan for the last five decades. As Bill Harris  states in Essay’d, “Allie McGhee is a seven-day-a-week, 360 plus-  days-a-year abstract artist. He has, from early afternoon until the  waning of natural light in the evening, followed this blue-collar  schedule for decades. McGhee is also an experimenter. He is as  intellectually and artistically restless as liquid in porous soil. The  range of his curiosity and breadth of inquiry is all encompassing. New  directions pop up like spring flowers.

Allie McGhee’s New constructed paintings fill the  pristine Hill Gallery with lyrical energy & compositional density.  Folded, scraped, and layered they reveal the memory of their making and  celebrate a distinguished history of personal declaration. Allie’s  language of colors speaks dimensionally engaging the viewer in a  physical investigation of textured surfaces. The exhibition also  contains a series of mixed media works on paper that decode elements of  the rich cultural history interwoven into all of the painting.

His paintings are in collections locally as well as  internationally in museums such as the Detroit Institute of Arts, St.  Louis Museum of Art, MO, The Studio Museum of Harlem, NY, Mott-Warsh  Collection, Flint, MI, Koichiro Iwaski, Japan and Kohler Corporation, WI  to name a few.

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